Flipped Classroom




5 Responses to Flipped Classroom

  1. I think it was great that you gave the students links to visit in addition to the actual lesson you gave them! 🙂

  2. palancatina says:

    The sound gets some getting used to, but it sounds like you’re on a spaceship! Planets’ names should be capitalized. Love the NASA website!

  3. srahyab says:

    I really like the links that you provided at the end! It allows the students to build curiosity and go learn more about the solar system on their own! I think mentioning the guest speaker also builds excitement for the students! Great post !!

  4. sjknight says:

    Wonderful work. Loved that you used realistic planets images. Could you have used more? The audio was hard to hear at times, but it worked for this…sounded like you were in space:) I glad you used screenshots of the websites…was a great way to give the directions and support (with Google Docs).

  5. Najma Khan says:

    Good job!!
    Great information about resources out there! The students were left with a chance to research and enrich their learning. I also liked the way you incorporated Kidblog, a must have for every class:)

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