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I wanted to share this because it is so inspirational.  It’s a great story about students who generally do not like school (for generations), coming together and doing something for their community.  They rebuild to better the town in which they live.  The class they took over sixteen weeks was not about sitting at a desk but getting their hands dirty and working hard.  This is a true example of new learning and branching out from traditional ways of teaching.  I truly believe that the experiences these students had through this project have taught them more than any classroom lecture or textbook could have!


This is so cool!  What a great resource for new teachers, or even seasoned teachers learning to use technology in the classroom.  I love that this chart shows four different categories to guide teachers – think & observe, share & interact, analyze & evaluate, create & design.  These categories and “tips” can be created into many fun and interesting lessons.  It allows teachers to meet technology standards, while students reap the benefits of technology such as twitter.  Knowing your students is key & using twitter is just another way to relate a lesson to your students.  Staying relevant for 21st century learners!



I thought this was an interesting article and one that resonates with everything we have learned this semester.  It was interesting to read the seven characteristics listed in this article that qualify an educator to be considered “digitally competent.”  I was happy that I met six of the seven! I think that the seven characteristics are good qualifiers to be considered digitally competent.  I think that in order to keep up with 21st century learners, teachers need to meet these standards so that they can be prepared to teach today’s students.  That being said, I think some of these characteristics coud be tweaked and that even if a teacher does not meet all seven, he/she can still be digitally competent.  I think half the battle is having the desire to learn the technology.





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