Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology Via Mindshift

“Educational policy makers need to connect the dots between what motivates and encourages students to learn and what’s actually happening in the classroom, the report states.”  

This quote perfectly summarized my thoughts as I was reading this report.  I couldn’t agree more.  If students are not motivated, then they will check out and not be engaged in the classroom.  It benefits both the teacher and the students to have a classroom full of motivated students. Students will be more likely to learn and the teacher will be able to reach his/her students providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

I thought it was interesting (and encouraging) that most of the parents surveyed in this study supported allowing their child to use their personal devices in school.  The push back comes from principals and administrators.  I understand where they are coming from, however, it is a different world today and using mobile devices to access the internet and other learning tools has become a necessity.  It is rare that you see young people without an iPhone in their hands, therefore, why not encourage them to use it for educational purposes if they spend so much time on it?

I think it is sad that students are taking classes outside of their school in order to prepare themselves for the real world.  That is very eye opening!  It speaks volumes and makes it apparent that we are not providing an education that is relevant to students of the 21st century. What’s scarier is that students that participated in this survey stated that they would be more interested in STEM careers if they had more access to technology in the classroom.  What message are we sending our kids?  Don’t we want to encourage them to become interested in such careers and give them the tools necessary to get there?  “This indicates that the way kids learn seems to influence what they’re interested in pursuing.”

This study made me think a lot about myself as a teacher.  I think there is more pressure on teachers today to use technology in the classroom.  Luckily, I think it is not only necessary but also critical in staying relevant to my students.  I do not consider myself high-tech, but I am committed to learning what I can and incorporating technology in any way I can in my future classroom.  Especially after taking this class!  I have learned many new tools that I look forward to sharing with my students.

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