Who Gives a Kahoot!

So, I admit it, I love technology and used to be “tech savvy,” but today there is so much out there it is hard to keep up! Especially since right now I am a stay at home Mom and no longer using a lot of tech during an average day (other than facebook).  The technology I play with all day is made by Fisher Price and consists of the same three songs playing on REPEAT in my house 😉

Since starting ED 554, I have learned several different programs and tools that I think would be great to use in a classroom setting.  Although I had a twitter account before, I did not use it much.  I now follow many educators and have gotten a lot of great ideas.  One of the coolest things I have come across recently is Kahoot!  What a cool tool.  This tool is awesome for pre assessments, identifying student knowledge about a particular topic, taking class surveys, and even playing games.  I see many many uses for this program and would love to have it in my future classroom.  It is fun and interactive and something I think students would love to engage with.  The school I worked at last year had a similar program and we used it for Math lessons.  It got the students engaged and allowed them to be active participants in the lessons.  So much cooler than a boring SMARTBoard!

Using Kahoot! with Learners of Any Age and Subject.


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