Mom brain

Ok…time for a Mom post!  Any Moms out there experience “Mom Brain?”  I have heard of this phenomenon from friends who have had babies but never imagined it would be like this!  Ugh.  It takes me an hour to get out of the house with my son because I forget about ten different things & have to walk back into the house (while carrying the diaper bag on one shoulder…my son on one hip…and juggling my keys and water bottle) grab what I need, drop a couple of things along the way, bend over to pick them up with child in tow…and then spend equal amount of time making sure everything and everyone is in the car.  How do people with 3, 4, (can’t even think what life would be like with even more than that) kids manage??  Seriously…I can barely remember my car keys and everything needed for my son on whatever excursion we are going on that day!  I have become a queen of lists.  I make lists for everything!  So take it from me…for whatever its worth…having a baby DOES make you forgetful and you DO have the right to use the excuse “I forgot.”


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