Moving at the Speed of Creativity

This is a very cool blog! Wesley Fryer does a great job of making his site interesting and relevant. I like that he offers publications and resources on his blog that are particularly useful for educators. After visiting several technology and education blogs, I found this one to be the most interesting. Wesley is credible. He travels, works with a variety of people all over the globe and practices what he learns with his own family. His wife is also involved in his “experiments” and encourages their children to learn in an innovative way.

Most of the blogs that Wesley posts are related to Science and technology. Many of the topics he discusses are a good example of integration and how one lesson can cross several different subjects while using technology to enhance learning. After taking the Science Methods class at Marymount last summer, I have a newfound appreciation and understanding of how fun Science in the classroom can be! This blog does a great job of providing educators with the knowledge and tools they need to recreate these lessons in their own classrooms. Wesley also offers views about Education policy on his blog. Blogs such as “Why Are Thousands of Oklahoma Teachers Protesting Today at the Capitol?” dive into the complicated and real issues of Education. I like that he offers a variety of resources for his readers.

This is definitely a blog I will follow and encourage others to do so!

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