digital media* new learners of the 21st century

This is a powerful video ( One that I believe everyone who is an educator should watch. A video that parents should watch and definitely a video students ought to watch. Although I do not agree with all statements made in the video, the underlying message makes sense to me. We live in a digital world and if we do not keep up with these changes in the classroom, we are doing a disservice to our kids. Technology is critical in a classroom to enhance learning. We have these wonderful tools today that did not exist in the past, so why not use them? Do I think technology should replace books that students can actually hold and feel? No. I believe that both traditional and digital reading and writing have their place. In the 21st century both are important. That being said, we cannot ignore or deny the importance of digital media. I believe that the type of digital media used ought to be customized to the student using that technology. The video spoke a lot about the digital media program in Chicago, IL. This program allowed students to use their talents and passions to enhance their learning experiences. Several mediums of art were discussed such as photography, film making and recording (music). Again, the form of media was chosen by the students, which empowered them to pursue their passion and become excited about their work. Many of the students from Chicago featured in the video have made the choice to express themselves through digital media and focus on wanting to make a difference in the world, when they may have otherwise spent their time in less desirable ways. This, to me, was the biggest point made throughout the video. In the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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